Neighbourhood Connections

Helping People Live Well

Neighbourhood Connections is a community project that aims to help people live happy, healthy and independent lives in Horsley.

  • Do you need help navigating the maze of social services?
  • Are you feeling isolated or lonely?
  • Would you like to know more about local activities?
  • Do you have concerns about someone you know or care for?

 Neighbourhood Connections is here to listen and help.

Neighbourhood Connections is a community project that provides information about support available in and around your area.

A service for anyone in the community

We all need help at different times in our lives.

  • You may have had a change in your health or mobility which is affecting you and would like to know more about what services can help you to manage and adapt
  • You may be a mum who has moved into the area, looking to develop your own social network or find additional activities for your family
  • You may be a carer for your partner or a family member and would like some extra support in your caring role
  • You may be recently retired and looking to begin a new hobby

Whatever your situation, Neighbourhood Connections’ trained volunteers can provide a listening ear, information and advice about local support and activities, such as local transport, groups, household help, statutory services and more.

The volunteers may also be able to offer short-term support to help you access services in the community, such as accompanying you to a new activity, or contacting professionals on your behalf.

Don’t miss out on what is going on in your community, and the services ​that ​could help you.

Please note that although based at the medical practice, Neighbourhood Connections is not a medical service; it’s a way to address social and practical needs and to help make connections between you and support services that may be relevant to you.

Please see for more information about the project.

Telephone: 01483 284151

For more information on Neighbourhood Connections.