Private and Non-NHS

Non-NHS Services

The NHS does not cover certain medical examinations such as HGV, pre-employment, sports, elderly driver, fitness to travel etc. Details of fees, payable at the time of examination are available in reception. We also charge for completing insurance and other claim forms.

Some drugs are not available on the NHS and require a private prescription for which we make a charge

Private Practice

Some patients prefer to have the benefits of being looked after by their doctor on a private basis. Many patients have Private Health Insurance but this usually only covers treatment following referral to a consultant. We aim to offer a service to complement this.

The main advantages are to be able to see the doctor of your choice in the surgery or by home visit and, since special appointment times outside NHS sessions have been reserved for private patients, consultation times are longer. Private patients may of course still avail themselves of the NHS hospital and community services if they wish. This includes hospital admission for emergency and routine procedures, X-rays, blood tests etc.

Private patients pay an annual registration fee which enables us to offer consultations and visits.

If you have need of medical advice outside normal working hours you are still entitled to advice from NHS 111. Visits will be provided by Care UK, our local out-of-hours service provider.

Private patients are responsible for the cost of all their medications.

Current charges (with effect from 1st April 2019):

  • Annual registration fee £150.00
  • Doctor’s consultation £50.00
  • Consultation with nurse £30.00
  • Home visit £100.00
  • Telephone advice £20.00

NHS Prescribing Following a Privacy Assessment or Treatment in the Private Healthcare Sector

Information for patients from Guildford and Waverley CCG regarding private prescriptions. Your GP (family doctor) can provide some medicines on the NHS on advice from a clinician in the private sector.

However, there are a number of circumstances when your GP may refuse the request, or offer to prescribe an alternative medicine.

Your GP may decide not to prescribe if:

  • A full diagnosis, with appropriate test results, has not been provided by the consultant in the private sector
  • He or she feels the medicine is not clinically necessary
  • The medication is an unlicensed medicine
  • The medication is prescribed outside of its licensed indications
  • The medication needs special monitoring and he or she feels they do not have the expertise to do this
  • The use of a more cost effective medicine has been agreed locally

If you have further queries or would like to discuss your options, please contact your GP or health professional at your practice.

When requesting a private prescription to be transferred to NHS prescriptions, please allow two working days for the prescription to be ready in line with all prescription requests.

Firearm and Shotgun Licence Application

The Practice will complete the Medical Proforma, downloaded from the police website, in relation to an application for a shotgun/firearms licence or renewal of a licence, for which the fee is £40.00. It is best not to send your application to the police until the Proforma is completed and can be sent accompanying the application.

If licence holders are members of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) they can ring 01244573010 for further advice.